Tif is short for Christopher. Christopher => Tiftopher => Tiffer => Tif

I grew up stuttering, shy, and sunscreened in suburban New Jersey.

As a younger man, I spent ten years putting on pads, tackling people, and fitting poorly into most clothes. Distance running changed me profoundly and almost tore my meniscus entirely. A yoga mat or bike lane are the only places safe for me now.

I'm instantly and automatically friends with every redheaded person I meet, pass on the street, or see on the internet. Same thing with all dogs.

It's been six plus years in advertising, about a year and a half writing code.

Any time between projects you’ll find me accidentally gentrifying some charming neighborhood in the city I love and live in, San Francisco. There’s always sunblock in my backpack if you need any.

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Here's my availability and where I've worked before. If there’s something you want to talk about, let's get coffee: tif.slama@gmail.com

If you're curious: