Impossible Foods

Meat made from plants.

It's crazy to think you can make meat out of plant stuff, but you can. Well, not you (or me for that matter), but some really bright food scientists at Impossible Foods, they can. Anyway, their burgers are really tasty and require a bit more explaining than just normal ground-up cows, so I worked on their team for a little while.

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When fully ramped up, our large-scale production facility in Oakland—the first of its kind—will enable our company to make at least one million pounds of meat per month, directly from plants. The East Oakland site will be able to make enough Impossible Burgers to serve four million people per month within a year. We've started hiring in Oakland and will continue to do so throughout 2017, expecting to hire nearly 80 additional employees by the time our plant is running at full capacity.

We're proud to have our first large-scale manufacturing facility in Oakland for many reasons, including: close proximity to our Redwood City headquarters, access to convenient and sustainable transportation, and the skilled food manufacturing workforce of Oakland. In alignment with Impossible Foods' sustainability mission, the availability of an existing facility on a brownfield site suitable for revitalization was a compelling reason to locate in Oakland, using the city's innovative set of resources and tools to reuse the site and avoid building a new facility with a larger environmental footprint.

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