Minus 8

Time is relative.

Twenty years in and doing consistently remarkable work for their clients, Astro Studios made something of their own. A few promising renders led to a full line of watches, launched under the name Minus 8. Their design reflects modern life on the West Coast—a unique birthplace for so many new ideas.

Every watch is a time machine. We design ours in a place that inspires us—the West Coast. MINUS-8 is named after the GMT-8 time zone.

The watch collection we created combines the best production methods with world-renowned industrial design. Through continuous exploration and refinement our aesthetic has emerged, one that embraces the West Coast. We have created watches that are raw and crafted machines and that possess a clear point of view.


The Layer watch gives the bare essentials a professional look. Its precision case is made of stacked PVD-coated stainless steel layers that create depth in the watch's face. Three-hand timing and a date window make up its simple display, while visible movement provides a view of the complexity beneath.

The Layer 24 watch looks at time in a larger sense. Its face holds a 24-hour clock, weekday, date, month, and standard three-hand timing. Precise layers of PVD-coated stainless steel create depth to the face while streamlining the exterior.

Layer 24

The Edge watch captures the transition from one moment to the next. Its stopwatch breaks time into minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. Five-second intervals are marked on the case exterior, allowing for a cleaner watch face. The entire body is crafted of PVD-coated stainless steel, featuring a monochromatic finish that further connects and blends each individual linkage of the bracelet.

The Zone watch is the stripped-down, purified soul of Minus-8. Its bold, split-case design—resembling a shifting time zone boundary—plays with the expected geometry of a watch face. With simple architecture and smooth textures, this watch has everything it needs and nothing more.