Wells Fargo

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To help announce mobile banking to a younger audience, we came up with a newstalgic game about road trips (a.k.a. modern pilgrimages) full of campy fun and random tragedy that turns regular banking into videogame power-ups.

back story

Pick which friends you want along for the ride, connect to social media, grab some supplies, and get on the road.

pick friends
get supplies

Things start out great, but quickly take unfortunate and humorous turns. For added fun, every moment and mishap is shareable.

car problems

The more you use mobile banking the weirder your adventure gets, but if you don't, even the most normal things can end very, very badly.

check from grandma
sketchy taco

Your banking life and the game tie together. Pay for gas in your actual car and get speed boosts in the game.

power ups

Play well enough and your whole party survives the roadtrip, earning you a bunch of Wells Fargo rewards points and a sweet group jump photo.

group jump